Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nana's visit

I love when my mom visits. It always regenerates my mommyhood. The Capt loves it too even if he doesn't truly realize it. It helped us get back on the potty wagon with underwear. The Capt even has his own potty watch. It fits his little wrist and goes off at 90 minutes as a reminder to go. While my mom was here the new patio, aka Capt's yard, got some fun new toys. A sand and water table and a new tricycle! We spent lots of afternoons out here. The newest Capt phrase was in the car. We are just driving along, my mom and I talking, (which means the Capt is always asking what we are talking about and what happened) very nosy! Today he says, "Um, excuse me, I have a question." I always want to laugh my butt off at these comments but I try to act natural. So I ask him what his question is like it's completely normal for a two year old to talk to you this way. The Capt also decided to tote his "baby" around in the car today. This is a plush doll he got from his Auntie Cari before the Kid was born. It is anatomically correct (as much as a plush baby can be) and has a little shirt and diaper. He tries nursing this baby on occasion which is totally funny since the baby eats from his belly button and today the baby finally got a name. Chakie. Baby Chakie.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Getting ready for bed

The Capt usually goes to bed fairly easily. We have our routine of jammies, teeth, potty. Then mom and dad and Capt sit and read 2 books. Hugs and kisses from dad, then mom sings songs, talk about our day, turn on music, the end. Tonight from under the door I hear.."Mama..." I go in. Get the Capt back in bed and he asks, "How's the weather?" I wasn't sure I heard this just right so, of course, I asked again. Same answer. "how's the weather?" What is this, small talk? I was really trying not to crack up. I told him the weather was fine but dark. It's night-night. I guess that appeased since it was quiet after that. What a character, this guy!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Dog Food

I've been such a flake on my bolg! So to those of you who reminded me (you know who you are!) thanks for giving me a kick! :)
So here are a few happpenings in the Capt's world. He wants to go to school. He asks every so often. Or rather "tells" me. "I want to go to school." Ugh! I have to tell him he has to wait until he's 3. He's also very into pretending these days. It's very funny and sometimes you don't know he's pretending until he's crying because you didn't eat the pretend popcicle he gave you. Yesterday he was pretending to be a dog. He wanted cheerios. He got cheerios. Then I was told they weren't cheerios, they were dog food. The funniest part was when he had eaten them all he asked if he could have more "dog food". Good thing we were at home! Yesterday was also a rough day because the Kid had a 24 hour flu. Not fun! When a 3 month old is vomiting like the exorcist. Um, kinda scary. Luckily it only happened a couple of times and my mom was here visiting. The weirdest thing about it all was the day before he had his 3 months pictures taken and he was flirting with the girl taking his pictures. Cooing and giggling at her. Definately not his usual crusty self. Then the next morning. Blech! Thankfully it stopped as quickly as it started. Oh, and we paved the side yard of our house! A nice 12 by 29 foot space for scooter and bike riding. This has now been dubbed "the Capt's Yard" Which takes on a whole different meaning when friends come over. I realize now we need friends over to play more often. The Capt is not good at sharing his own toys. He is good at sharing other people's toys. Okay, I promise to stay back on the "blog wagon" more to come!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Toddler's Creed

This link was given to me by my mom. I am surviving my toddler, I mean motherhood because of her. Enjoy the tears of laughter!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


We have turned a new corner in the toddler department. I guess because we don't have enough corners. (Thought you could only have four) The Capt. would argue this of course but I digress...The phrase "That's mine!" has been creeping up on me this past week and I've been trying hard to ignore it. It's here to stay. This is the Capt. newest phrase along with "don't do that Mom!" Today on a hike I grabbed a little backpack from the back seat for snacks and what-nots we might need. About 1/4 of the way in the Capt realized this on my back and exclaimed. "that's mine!" I said it was really mine and I have been sharing with him. This time with more zest he hollered "that's my purse!" I know some of you are laughing about the purse thing. Monday he took a little black clutch filled with cars to kindermusik, but whatever. Funny thing about the backpack is he was just so mad about it. The spittle was flying out of his little mouth as he was telling me that I I could not have this bag. It was his. Finally when it came to blows, we took a time out. In the woods. Time out in the woods works waaay better than at home. The Capt also pleasantly waved "hi" to a few people as they hiked by during this spell and we explained we were having a time out. So I'm still figuring out how to deal with this new attitude and will keep you posted when I find a resolution, or, er, compromise!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So many of you know that the Capt has refused naps for awhile now...we started the battle at about 18 months. Let's just say it was not pretty. If there was a method, idea, or trick, I tried it. If any of you out there are in need of suggestons, trust me, I've tried them all. We are both lucky to have gotten out alive! :) So instead of a nap the Capt goes on Mama's bed for about an hour and watches Zaboo with a snack. He does pretty good for about 45 min. to an hour. Probably the only time of day where every body part is not moving all at once. Especially the mouth. There is usually no talking. Yippee!! I learned to go to my mental happy place during this time and celebrate the small successes. ie. no movement vs. movement. It's not sleep, but I have learned to come to terms with it. Trust me, I was kicking and screaming just to get to this place. The beginning was, well, not good. The minute you walked in the door, you knew it was a bad no nap day. These days are better and more manageable, but these pictures are examples of what happens when mom just can't fight the battle in the afternoon. Art gone wrong. Oh and the face paint is washable markers. The Capt thought he would be a bunny. And just in case you were wondering, washable markers usually come clean, unless you leave them on your face. The Capt is also learning to use scissors. Not sure THAT's a good idea but it has been keeping him occupied for about an hour in the afternoons. We've been cutting up foam paper and using foam stickers (he can finally peel the dang things himself!). The rules: "only cut paper." And the cliched, "no running with scissors." It's actually pretty funny to say this "for real." The cutting of h-a-i-r has crossed MY mind, but there is no way on the planet I would ever say this out loud. God, I probably shouldn't even be typing about it!

Monday, April 7, 2008


Unlike the wild times of soccer, the capt. is a completely different child during Kindermusik. We have been doing this once a week music class with Miss Allison since the Capt was about 6 months/8months old. He LOVES the class and would go home with Miss Allison in a heartbeat! Weirdly enough one of his favorite part about this class is snuggle time. I know, shocking, right?
Unfortunately the snuggle part is with Miss Allison, not me. PLease check out their site. www.studio3music.com Not only is the class fun, but it's like getting to enjoy a taste of preschool with them and they have the best toys and puzzles. Of course everyone knows the Capt. and are alrerady remembering the Kid. Here we are in class!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bringing Up Boys

This is the title of the current book I am reading. It is filled with a lot of interesting information on raising boys in a difficult society. Although it is heavy on Christian philosophy and I am not a religious person, I do appreciate the moral substance it brings. It is NOT for the feminists and may be difficult for the single mom to swallow, but i will be comparing it to a couple of other "boy" books on my list. I am interested in these books for several reasons. My younger brother and I came from a divorced home and was raised by a single mom for about 7 years. I watched my brother struggle with many issues that he still deals with today. I now have 2 boys and it is my responsibility to raise them honestly, safely, and with good morals and manners. To teach them to be responsible, courteous and smart. I want to be able to give them things and share with them, things I may not have had. I want to give them every opportunity to be successful no matter what path they choose and I want them to be contributing members of society. I want to pass as much good on to them as possible so in turn, they can do the same. I believe it is our duty and responsibility as parents to be the best role models and mentors to our children as we possibly can. Okay that's my soapbox for the day! Back to the legos and poopy diapers...and "no" you can't play golf in the house! Pictures are Baby Jack in blue and Baby Will in green/tan

Friday, April 4, 2008


The Capt. is learning how to express his feelings through words. It's really kind of funny but I try to be as empathetic as possible.
Lately he has been feeling scared. Not sure what there really is to be scared of, but still, I try to acknowledge these feelings. He's scared of things like scary music, ghosts (how does he even know what ghosts are?) Tonight was something all together different and not at all scary. I asked him if he wanted chicken for dinner. As with most toddlers, chicken in the so called, nugget form, is pretty much a staple. He said "no because it makes him sad." I asked why. He said, " because chickens go b-r-awk!" And he was Serious! I really tried hard not to bust a gut on that one! When the time came he still ate the chicken.