Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Soccer Monster

OKay, so I know my kid is "spirited" but today the soccer monster totally took over!  I've offically become one of theose moms you always feel sorry for because their kid is acting out.  "Time Out"  has become my mantra.  In fact The Captain even put himself in a time out today.  The good news is that he is (I think) starting to figure out the going potty thing.  He told me twice today he needed to go.  Although he forgot to tell me one time.  But accidents do happen!  Willie The Kid is now a true pirate in my book.  He had a yucky eye today and his squint could have been good enough for an eye patch.  Oh and the big news of the day is that I found out that growling (yes growling) at The Captain during challenging time outs, is not appreciated.  Which means it's great for me.  Mwahhahahah, the power!  This little trick I found in "Happiest Toddler on The Block" It works when The Captain is laughing in my face even though I have my unhappy face on.  Checkmate little pirate!  I am still the Boss!  Whew!  The question is can I get my pictures on this wacky blog?  So it's a little big..but look at that face!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hello, Pancake!

This is what the Captain has dubbed his little brother.  Funny hting is that the nickname has kinda stuck with me.  I've been finding myslef calling the Kid, "little pancake".  We'll see if it continues.  Today we went to the zoo and the Captain was his usual crazy self.  He likes to make up words and songs and LOVES to talk to girls.  Um, hello, he's only two!  The word of te day was: Funk. This is how it was used by The Two Year Old.  Unbunkling his carseat and jummping out of the car he tells Nana "I funk it!"  We were laughing so hard the people next to us must have thought we'd been drinking.   Later at the Gorilla exhibit, the Captain was next to a cute girl about 4 years old and he tells her "nice to meet you" and proceeds to hold her hand.  Luckily she reciprocated and asked him his name.  They hugged and stood in front of the gorillas with her arm around him.  What a kid!  Baby Will's claim to fame was riding the carousel with his.  His first ride!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm here!!

This phrase means many things to me.  I've have decided to create a blog after being inspired by a couple of mom friends.  So "I'm here" to try it out.  This blog is primarily about my kids and mainly about TheTwo Year Old.  From the moment of birth he continues to remind the world "I'm here!" with full force.  The continuing blog will (hopefully) document his many adventures.  And the non stop insanity that is my beautiful life!