Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Burritos On A Hot Day

I love giving my kids a bath on a hot day. The Capt. is 4 1/2 and The Kid is 2 1/2 and they've always done well bathing together. I don't have to entertain anyone and outside of dousing each other with water and crying about it. They do pretty well. Side note: I have an extra towel on hand for the clean up afterward! Bathing in the tub on a hot day is especially fun because I liked using lukewarm water. Sometimes we have bubbles, sometimes finger paint, either way, it's all good! We have a special ritual after bath time that is what they really like the most. I get each kid out one at a time, dry them off, and wrap them up like a burrito. I scoop them up and pretend to eat them before depositing them on my bed. In the winter the insist on being chalupas. This is when I add an extra blanket to them on the bed and tuck them tight. I don't really know why they like this, but they do. They get a snack and watch a show and then it's bed! Voila! I'm wet and disheveled after all this, but nothing a glass of wine can't cure!