Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Lovely Morning for Good Sleepers

We recently took a weekend trip to Leavenworth. It's a cute little German town a couple hours outside of Seattle. There are rivers and hiking as well as wine tasting, etc. Something for everyone. We rented a cabin near Fish Lake with the Forrester Clan and enjoy some beautiful weather. The kids bunked downstairs near an Aunt and Uncle, while the rest of us were settled in upstairs. The great thing about The Capt and The Kid is that they are great sleepers at home. All is quiet by 7-7:30 and they are usually good for 12 hours. Traveling, not so much! They have a hard time settling down and for some God awful reason they can't stay asleep past 6:30! This trip was no exception. What occured the first morning with Uncle Colin was just priceless! I padded downstairs the first morning to find they were up at their usual traveling hour. Uncle Colin listened to them in their room for at least an hour. He commented that they were so quiet and happily talking and giggling together that he figured we must be with them trying to let everyone sleep. Okay moms, if your kids were quietly in their rooms together, would you think this was a good thing? Yeah. So as soon as he said they sounded happy AND quiet, I knew it was not good. They were happy and quiet because The Captain woke up and brought a whole bucket of red vines into the bedroom for he and his brother to share for "having a good sleep." I would be happy and quiet too if I got to eat red vines all to myself for an hour! What can you do thought, right? That's awsome.


There are some moments amongst the chaos that I would like to freeze in time. Here is one from this week.
At 7am the other morning I laid in bed and listened to the kids waking up. The Kid was calling "mama." At some point when I don't answer he will start yelling, "Heidi!" The Captain usually wakes up talking. What a suprise! When he hears the Kid he goes into his room...."Hi Buddy, did you have a good sleep?" The Kid: "yeah" The Captain: "Okay, stay right here and don't cry, Promise? Don't cry I'll be right back. Promise you won't cry?" I just laid in bed and listened to this. For some reason I just find it cute. What can I say, I'm their mom!