Friday, September 17, 2010

Hop on the Potty Train!

The Kid has pretty much been potty trained for about a year. He still asks when going to the bathroom, "Is this potty training mom?" Uh, no because you are already trained my child. Of course I am only saying this in my head. Out loud I just smile and say "yes! Yes it is!" Lately The Kid has somehow connected potty training with actual TRAINS. Now when peeing in the toilet he creates a whole scenario where his penis is the train and the pee is all the people getting off the train. "Okay" he says, "the people are getting off the train. Look at all the bubbles! There's a lot of people getting off the train!" At first I didn't get it and thought it was weird. Now it's just weirdly funny. Somehow I even worked it into getting him to go potty. "There are still more people that want to get off the train. Go pee."