Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Fishing We Will Go

Today The Captain and his dad crawled out of bed at the wee hour of 4:30am to make a charter boat trip at 6am.  It will be the first time The Cap't has been on a boat and that him and his dad have gone fishing together.  Of course preparations needed to be taken before 4:30am because who uses their brain at this ungodly hour?  Extra clothes were packed, lunches were made.  (Two peanut butter & nutella sandwiches for the Cap't for those wondering) Camera was given and they were only reminded about 20 times to take pictures which means I'll be lucky to get one grainy picture of my husband's phone.  The Cap't was fairly eager to hop out of bed but was, of course, full of several rambling questions and statements.  "I will need a life jacket."  "Yes, they will have them there."  "Are they the yellow ones?  Will it fit?  What if I don't like it?  Can't I bring my own?"  "If you want to go on the boat you have to wear the kind they have like everyone else."  "Okay.  Well, I need my fishing pole."  "They will have them there.  You're is too small.  It is the kind for fishing off docks and in lakes."  "They have bigger ones than MINE?!  Awesome!!"  The inquiry and expressions did not stop until they left the house and I'm pretty sure they went on for the 1 hour drive.  Of course I went back to bed and after laying down for awhile I realized, I too, had questions.  What if the Cap't gets seasick?  I didn't pack any medicine for that?  What if his feet get wet?  He doesn't have extra socks.  I didn't remind my husband that the Cap't has never been on a boat before.  (Only a ferry) He needs to be extra careful so the child doesn't fall over.  On and on this went in my head until I finally went back to sleep.  Then around 6:58am I was woken up by a naked 3 year old wanting to play games on my phone.