Monday, March 23, 2009

New Words

So a week or so ago we had a nice day. Woohoo! This led to a moment of spontaneity, something I love but rarely get to do anymore. Ha! I thought, "hey, let's go to the zoo!" I think The Kid had only been once and The Capt had been asking for awhile. We went over rules before heading in, part of our new strong willed routine. Once inside we decided to choose 5 animals we really wanted to see. This included a cow, the giraffes (of course) big cats and a couple of others that I can't remember. In the past the cows were a bit frightening. Definately not as quiet in the mooing department as the ones we've seen in books. At least the Capt. didn't cry when they mooed this time. He just covered his ears. The Kid looked startled at first and then scowled at them. I'm pretty sure he thought they were some sort of monster in disguise and NOT an actual cow. From there we took the usual Safari route and upon turning the corner, three soft faced giraffes were chewing away. The Capt quickly ran up to them and yelled, "Melman!" If you haven't seen "Madagscar" the movie, you wouldn't understand. I thought it was hilarious. Not sure the other people standing around had seen "Madagascar" but the outburst had perfect comedic timing. Oh yeah, The Capt wanted to see the gorillas but on the way there we decided to stop at the day and night exhibits. This is an indoor section of lizards and snakes and then noctural creatures. About 5 critters down as I was telling the boys what each snake or lizard was , The Capt peered in and then asked, "Is it venomous?" Uh, what? "Is it venomous?" He asked, in such a natural way as if he'd used this word many times before. How often in daily life would he ever hear me say "Is (something) venomous." I tried to act as natural as possible. "Um, why yes it is venomous." He continued the conversation with, "But not the babies." Somehow baby venomous snakes were a concern, but mama and dada venomous snakes were just the way it was. "Uh, yes the babies are too." "No, Mom." he tells me. "Not the babies."

Thursday, March 19, 2009

family fun.

The Capt wants to be a rockstar.  No, really.  A rockstar.  Seriously.  For at least a year(if not longer) he has talked about being a rockstar.  And he was completely shocked to find out girls can be rockstars too!!  One day I found him coloring all over his arms.  I asked him what the heck he was doing?!  He said that all rockstars have colors on their arms.  I have no idea where he got this from.  Anyway, lately he has progressed to standing on the couch with a golf club (aka microphone) in his hand while we sit on the floor and watch his "concert."  He creates his own songs of course.  Some are pretty funny.  These shennaigans have now moved on to music in the car.  He will ask for a rock and roll song and when we come to one that has some rockin' electric guitar and jammin' drums we turn it up really loud, open the sun roof, and jam away.  All of us with our air guitars, head banging, bad selves.  All of us except, The Kid.  He usually just looks at us like we are complete wackos.  Or idiots.  Like he can't believe he's even related to us.  Eventually he might start patting his hands on his knees but he certainly doesn't smile about it.  I'm pretty sure he'll have disowned us by the time he turns 16.  The second game is one we also play in the car.  "I Spy with My Little Eye."  The Capt loves this game even though he'll pick a color before he finds an object.  Well, the other day we were playing this game on the way to Kindermusik.  "I spy with my little eye...."  the other person guesses and usually before the right answer there are a couple of, "Nooooo's." In a kind of sing song way that ends with a high inflection.  Well after about 10 minutes, The Kid thought he would join in.  Perfect! " No" is one of his favorite words!  So The Capt and I just started by asking the Kid what he spied.  "A tree? A blue car? my pants?"  Every answer we got the same copy-cat "Noooooo."  Maybe you had to be there but we laughed the whole way!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Okay okay, I know I have totally flaked on my blog lately.  I've been in a horrible creative funk, but I think my inspiration is coming back to me.  And trust me.  This post is gonna be good!
So a coupel of weeks ago the Capt and I had a few moments alone.  He was sitting on my lap and chatting.  (Like when is he NOT chatting!)  He started talking about how he and his brother were babies in my tummy.  I just nodded and hoped this wasn't going somewhere scary.  We'd already discussed that babies come out of a hole and I hoped this was still acceptable.  Well.  It got scary.  He still seemed to be okay about babies coming out of a hole but now he asked, "how did they get in there?"  I'm sure I had a deer in the headlights look and hoped I could play dumb.  "Oh they just get there." I replied.  "But HOW?"  Okay clearly not going the way I hoped.  I was trying to think fast so I stalled some more.  "oh they just get in the mom's tummy.  Mommy and daddy loved each other so much, blah blah blah that the baby just got there."  I'm sure it was not sounding as casual as I hope since he asked again.  "how?"  I came up with the only thing I could when dealing with a 3 year old asking where babies came from.  "It was Magic!"  I'm sure I was getting sweaty and looking for another escapre route, but he hardly blinked an eye and said, "oh, okay."  I was seriously not prepared for this conversation.  Dada thought I should have told him, "some sort of tube."  But that's his answer for everything.  MY answer for everything now is it's magic.