Monday, January 26, 2009

The Captain's name.

The Captain has learned how to spell his name.  He's known how to do this sincce before Christmas.  He's very funny about it though.  There are 2 other kids in his class with the same name so the folders have their names and the Last inital on them.  This now means that the Captain thinks his name has an F at the end.  He gets very upset if you spell it and don't say "F".  Every night he spells his name that hangs over his bed and asks how come there is no F.  Every night I explain that the F is for his last name and since we all have the same last name, we know who he is whithout it.  This, of course, is not a good enough answer and I'm sure no answer could be.  So every night he asks where the F is and will probably do so until we hang one up there.  This is so not going to happen.  I'm just glad he's not tall enough to put one there on his own.  Oh wait!  Sshh, I better not think that out loud.  He might have the house bugged!

Happy 1st!

The Kid turned 1 year old this month. I really still can't believe he is one already. And we made it through his first year of hemophilia. Hooray!! We celebrated with family in Suncadia. A fancy moutain home resort. Of course Thye Kid was super sick on this trip. Bad cold, ear infection. Overall lots of snot. For his brithday we sang The Birthday Song, had cupcakes and let the other kids open his presents. Thanks to Uncle Colin, we got pictures. I am lame and forgot my camera. It was a sweet little birthday for the sweetest little boy. And the best part of it all?  He took his very first steps!  On his birhtday!  So exciting! Now that he's one do we have to stop calling him Baby?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A long 24 hours

So to start our new year off The Kid got his first mouth bleed. He's pretty dang cute right now but he's got one big tooth on the bottom and is trying to toddle around. Yesterday as he was trying to stand, he fell over. (As most new toddlers do) And he somehow cut the roof of his mouth with that pumpkin tooth. (So called because he looks like a carved pumpkin face when he smiles.) We were getting ready to head out for the day so I thought I'd just watch it a bit before calling in extra forces. Well of course it just kept oozing. It wasn't gushing or anything, just a nice little vampire smile every time he opened his mouth or smiled.
So I called in "the team" and decided to start the Amicar. Amicar is an oral medication that helps mouth bleeds clot. Mouth bleeds clot differently because of all that saliva. Amicar also has to be given every 6 hours. So The Kid got his dose and we headed out to Costco. The lucky pumpkin head also got a treat of frozen yogurt to help the bleeding as well. In case you haven't tried, putting ice in a baby's mouth is pretty much impossible. Dada came up with this idea and it was perfect! It slowed the bleeding somewhat and we managed to get through Costco without freaking anyone out. Good thing we are not afraid of blood! The Kid even nibbled on a little pizza. By nap time (which was super late) the bleeding was minimal so the Kid had an afternoon snooze. If he woke up fine we'd give one more dose of meds. If he was still bleeding, we'd discuss Plan B. Well he woke up okay but about an hour or two before bed time the bleeding picked up again. More Amicar and more frozen yogurt. By bedtime it had slowed so it was nighty-night as usual. Unfortunately that little mouth started up again around 11pm. Too soon fro meds so just more frozen yogurt...hmmmm....sounds suspicious! I was a little nervous putting him to bed but it really wasn't more than blood tinged drool. Yech! I set the alarm for 1am and tried to sleep. Read: "tried!" Again another round of Amicar. The baby barely woke up! And looking into the crib expecting some bloody tragedy, I only found a nickel sized spot of blood. Whew! Back to bed. All in all The Kid was a trooper plumped up on frozen yogurt, which after the previoius night's BurgerMaster vanilla shake, is his all time FAVORITE thing to eat. Two more doses of meds for a full 24 hours and mostly eating soft foods, I think the Kid made it through without any knowledge that his mother is now expecting a full head of grey hair on her head!
Oh and I WAS going to blog about the trip to Burger Master from the previous night, but blood stories trump beef. I promise to post pictures though!