Friday, August 22, 2008

The Clubs

So the weekend before we left for CA, Dada took the Capt golfing. He didn't have his size clubs so it didn't go too well. But I guess the Capt didn't care because ever since hen he's been talking about golfing with his Dad. He's says he's gone fishing with his Dad too but that hasn't happened yet. Anyway, tonight we took him to get his very own set of golf clubs! It was very exciting and I was an emotional mom. Only because he was looking so damn cute! It comes with a driver, iron and putter and a miniature golf bag with the stand and everything. The guy even gave us some free balls. I wish I had my camera! We stopped at the park so he could practice. He was having such fun! He had his little blue golf shirt on with tan pants and then the golf bag slung on his was a pretty cute sight. Once I get some pics...I promise to post!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Rockstar

Okay so for those that have known the Capt since he was a baby, they know that he's a little different. Not necessarily in a bad way. He has just been on a different schedule than most babies. Has reached developmental milestones early etc. His personality could be described as "Spirited" or "Active-Alert" if I'm in a positive mood, and "crazy, hyper, and unruly" on a not-so-good day. I have had people tell me his smart, gifted, genius and a possible presidential candidate someday. I just think he dances to the beat of his own drum. And if you've ever seen him dance, you know what I mean! He's definately quirky. He's "Just Jack." Well within the last six months he has talked about "being a rockstar." He saw a show on PBS called Raggs. I think it's lame but it's colorful, musical, and the characters ask the kids thoughtful questions so I guess that's why he likes it. The dogs play guitars. The Capt's Papa plays a guitar and his Uncle Larry plays and has guitars. He loves music so why shouldn't it all come together. He got a guitar for christmas from Papa and he has loved the strings right off of it! Well recently his being a rockstar has evolved. Oh and the child will break into song a guitar playing whenever the moment moves him! Anyway, the other day we were riding in the car and he had his notebook and crayin in hand. He tells me he is writing a song. I just hung on to the steering wheel so not to crash. You'd think by this point I would be getting used to his revelations/shennaigans, but no, I don't. They come so freaking randomly. He just throws this stuff at you when you least expect it! Well to top that off, two days ago he wanted to do some art. Great! We get out his scissors (yes I let him use scissors with the clear knowledge that only the hair cutting place can cut hair.) I try to use the ame tone as I use when talking about poison so I hope this works. So he's quietly cutting and coloring and gluing away for awhile. Quiet is never a good thing in this case so I look over and he has used washable markers up and down his arms. I ask what he is doing and why he did not color on paper. He tells me, "All rockstars have to have colors on their arms." Duh! Hello mom don't you know this? I'm like uh well your 2 and not a rockstar yet so you need to take a bath. And um where did he get this hairbrained idea? He watches Sprout and Noggin and I'm pretty sure there are no rockstars with tatoos on those channels. And if there are, I am going to sue them in about 16 years. Oh and moving on, he is starting to ask me how to spell things...that's a whole other topic that I am ignoring until absolutely necessary.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I know I haven't been blogging toomuch this week, but we are out visiting Nana and Papa in CA. Dada is off on business trips so we headed out to the Sunny State. The first challenge was making it through the airport and on the plane for 2 hours. I know that's not a long time, but it was my first time with The Capt and The Kid alone. The day before I actually had to lay down. I was so nervous! It went well until we had to leave Dada at security. Luckily the people behind me were understanding to the sudden meltdown. We made it through and The Kid was allowed to stay in his sling. We only waited about 20 minutes and The Capt really waited nicely before boarding. He recently started watching Blues Clues, so in hisbackpack he found a notebook and a crayon. That kept him busy! The flight was very uneventful. The Capt was some freak AngelChild. He buckled hisseatbelt and never got out of his seat! He spent most of his time watching a Thomas video on Levi's DVD player (thankyou thankyou!) until the battery died... by then we were decending. Sofar the trip has been great and filled with fun times. Until tonight. The Capt and The Kid have been sharing a room. This means they've been waking each other up at 6:30am. They usually don't get up until close to 8. This is bad for many reasons. The first is being unsupervised. The Capt likes to climb into the Kid's crib and play peek a boo. On the Kid's face. It seems that the Kid thinks its funny most of the time. I only imagine someone getting suffocated. Today the bad thing was The Capt finding a bottle of Mylcon in the suitcase and thinking the Kid needed some. The bottle was empty but there was a lot on the floor. Luckily the Kid survived. I hope he has nine lives! The last bad thing was like a storm brewing for few days from loss of sleep on the Capt's part. Tonight his head finally flew off and spun around the room. It happened after he was put to bed at, oh, 5:30! An hour later he said his tummy didn't veel well and he had to "throwup" He's never donw this before and this is now his cue to poop. Hey, at least there is one! So off he goes to the toilet. Well after about 10 minutes, he calls and Nana goes in. All I hear is, "Oh Lord!" That is never good. And then "Let me get your mom" When Your mom says this, it's really not good. My first instinct was to run and then I flashed to a happy place (which is no where near kids or poop) took a deep breath and went to check it out. Well. The Capt thought he would try to wipe his own butt! Um, being 2 and not being able to reach his own butt, it looked like a poopie massacre. I had to think positve to hold it together so I thought, "at least he was trying to be helpful?" I had an arsenal shy of a hazmat suit for clean up and just as the Capt was washing his hands I flushed. Really bad idea. The Capt had already flushed who knows what before he called us in, so a volcano of water came bubbling up and over the rim. I could only yell for My Mom and quell a crying toddler who thought he broke his Papa's toilet. Well let's just say after clean up, kids in bed and a couple of glasses of wine later. All is well. It is now all about ME and I'm off to find some chocolate!