Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Addie & Jack

Addie & Jack, Jack and Addie. They are two peas in a pod. Jack and Addie have been friends since they were just 6 months old. They have become the best of friends. What one does, the other wants to do. They bring out the best in each other. A simple thing, like eating a snack, makes them giggle at each other. They hug and kiss, they talk together, play side by side, and sometimes boss each other around. They make mischief together but can sit quietly and hold hands. They look out for each other in their own toddler way. Kissing each others owies, rubbing heads and patting backs. Jack sits on Addie's lap and Addie simply hugs him around the waist. They have been monkeys together, clowns together, goofballs, crazies, ice cream buddies and even had their first sleep over together while we waited for Baby Edith to join the world. I loved Adelaide the moment I saw her sweet, chubby little face. Today Addie moved away. I was so sad watching those funny little kids run around like any other day. Sharing their treats and laying next to each other on the floor. Addie and Jack, Jack and Addie. What will life be like without that little toddler duo?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

You can do it!

The resilience of babies. A day after The Kid's ordeal at the hospital he was rolling over! Me and Dada and the Capt were there cheering him on as he lay like a worm on the carpet. We were all yelling, "Come on you can do it, go baby!" The Capt was jumping up and down while we watched the Kid grin and giggle and finally flip over like a fish out of water. To this he received his own cheering section of clapping and screaming. It really was a joyous moment. It was then that I truly knew we would all be okay. Today we met with the Hemophilia nurse practioner. We dropped the Capt off at his older friend, Ryan's house and away we went. We learned so much and after an hour and a half sighed in relief that we really WILL be OK. There will be bumps and bruises along the way (excuse my pun!) but as long as we are carefully monitoring the situation, the Kid will grow up like any other. No one will be the wiser. The second step will be to get myself tested to see if I was a true carrier of this disorder or if it was a newly mutated gene. Ever day will bring something new, but wasn't that happening anyway? I'm going to go kiss that chubby baby now....

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sweet Baby Will

Our world has been turned upside down! A few days ago we found out that The Kid has severe hemophilia. Earlier in the week I discovered a nasty hematoma (really dark purple bruise with a knot in it) on his arm near his armpit. It was definately not something that could just appear due to even rough play with the Capt. He never seemed injured or anything so it was quite a suprise when I took off his clothes one morning. We sat on it for a day and the next morning went to the Dr. Thank God we were able to see our own pediatrician! Anyone else would have thought abuse. This freaked the bee-geezes out of me. But or Doc decided to run tests right away after a couple of other minor incidents of bleeding. We spent the rest of the day trying to find someone who could successfully draw blood from an infant. Let me just say this was not fun. The Kid and I cried together. Finally at the end of the day and about 5 needle pokes later, we were told we would be spending the night at Children's Hospital. One out of the five pokes continued to bleed... Somewhere around 10pm we were finally in our room. The Capt was with us all and was a champ. Luckily he got to watch Finding Nemo during most of this evening ordeal. Our room was shared with a little 3 year old girl on her second round of chemo. I was told by the nurses we got to room with the feistiest one! Now, I do not like suprises and like to know in advance what the plan is. I'm a planner. So this was one of the scariest, loneliest nights I can remember. Lucky for me I had the sweet little baby face to cuddle the whole time. I just didn't want to put him down, even when my arms were numb. Somewhere around 3am we were able to get his treatment going. This meant getting a temporary IV in place and 10 minutes of factor viii infusion. A half hour later another blood draw and results that it worked. Thus our journey now begins. Never in a million years would I have thought I would have two extremely unique and amazing boys. Never. At night I take a deep breathe, close my eyes and wait for the next day's adventure. Our house is never boring!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Scary things

The Capt. is very funny these days (okay extra funny) Last night he told me not to play "his" music. (the music he has at night-night time) he told me it was "scary" and that there were monsters. How does he know about monsters??? Anyway I told him I would use the monster spray on it and then the monsters wouldn't be scary anymore. Somehow this worked. Then today during a NAP, (how shocking what is this? I'll get to it later) he must of had some pretty amazing dreams. He was going on and on about a giant and some kitties running and hiding from the giant and a bunch of other stuff that didn't make sense. So yeah, the Capt took a nap today. We came home from Kindermusik this afternoon and he fell asleep in the car. This is not totally unheard of. What is crazy is that I took him out of the car and laid hm in my bed and he stayed there. Asleep. I truly was beside myself. I looked around to see if it was a prank and I probably checked on him every 20 minutes but he slept for an hour and a half! The best part about this, besides getting the Capt less crazy, is I got to spend that whole time with The Kid. By myself. It was a beautiful thing and he was just chatty and grinny as ever. I can't wait until the Kid starts his own Kindermusik class in a couple of weeks.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Charks Blog

I just want to give a shout out to my peeps. Charkie is the one that got it started. She inspired me to create a blog because I love hers so dang much! She is one of the most organized moms I know. She not only works full time but is an amazing mom to her little guy and has another little guy (if we can call him that) on the way. Plus she is able to keep up her blog along with lots of other projects. Please check out her blog and all the great "Jelly" pics!