Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quarters or no quarters

So now that the Capt has gotten beyond 2 and a half, we have been trying to explain he is going to be 3. We first told him he wasn't 2 and half anymore, he was 2 and 3 quarters. He was very upset and put out his hands and said "but I don't have any quarters!" "I'm 2 and a half!" Now I've been prompting him to tell people he's going to be 3. Unfortunately he is one of the younger kids at school and now he tells people, "I'm gonna be FIVE!" With the appropriate hand gesture. Sometimes he laughs so I'm thinking he might be doing it as a joke. Hmmm....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So this week the Capt has been discussing babies with me. Of course it's not the usual discussion. CousinJenn is pregnant and he commented that she had a baby in her tummy. I said yes. "Like when baby Will was in your tummy?" yes. (this next part is what got me.) "when the baby gets big he'll come out like baby Will?" yes. "how does he get out? Through a hole?" Well. Yes. Now this discussion always ends with "when the baby comes out through the hole." I think that is enough information for the time being. Probably too much, but we'll just let it be and hope for best. Mortification points on a scale of 1-10....only worthy of a 2.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Little Skeptic

This of course, is The Kid. After getting the Capt to school we zipped along to Kindermusik. Hooray! One on one time with the baby! Right now I'm the only one having fun. Kindermusik is a 50 minute session of intentional touch, singing, music, dancing, instruments, snuggling,etc. All good fun stuff. The Kid seems to think there must be a catch. Or at least that's what his face seems to say. His expression is purely skeptical and until I and Miss Allison have proven otherwise, we will only be allowed one or two smiles. I will keep you posted as to when he has deemed the class worthy!

Making Progress

It's just the 3rd day of preschool and we are all making progress. Today was the Cap't first day of taking his lunch. He was less than thrilled to be going to school today but was excited about getting to be in charge of his lunch and lunch sack. In fact, he was so excited that he opened everything up on the way and we had quite a spill. Slightly melted gogurt and water does not mix well! The Capt also started to complain about his school having monsters. Since the only monsters we really know are the ones from Sesame Street I explained that they must be pretty nice. No they are not. Once at school he was still not convienced so I helped wash his hands and showed him that both Mama and Dada would beable to watch him from the cameras in the room. This stopped the tears and I ran out as fast as possible. Now, this has been emotional for me. Not for the reasons you are all thinking. Yes, I will miss my child as he is growing up, etc. I am really just conerned that poop will happen. The school has stated that the children must be "independently potty trained." The teachers can only verbally help in the matter. This freaks me out. I still sigh in relief at home when the day ends clean and dry. Dada and I still high five each other when the Capt poops in the toilet and we have saved another pair of underwear. My guard is just coming down over the whole pee situation. Especially saince learning from his teacher that he "independently" went pee on his own today at school! Pooping. That is a whole different animal. Whether right or wrong, I have put the fear of God in the child not to poop at school, UNLESS, he can do it in the toilet. Otherwise he must wait until he gets home. Then I don't care what happens. (Okay I do but I have to go with the lesser of the evils.) Do I want to be mortified to get a call from school asking me to get my child for pooping his pants? No way. I would rather waste a pair of poopy underwear at home. So there! The other nervousness comes the day the Capt does poop at school. The teachers cannot wipe his butt. I'm just not ready for that hurdle. My current mantra: just one day at a time....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

school update

After 4 days at the Spanish Academy in Bellevue, we decided it did not meet our needs. I quickly scrambled around, talked to friends and checked out a popular montessori program in Issaquah. Lakeside Montessori is now The Capt's new school. Stayed turned for more info but today was his first day and he LOVED it. The best thing is that they have a webcam and I can peek in on him exhale when realizing he is not destroying the place and that he was NOT the kid having a tantrum during circle time. I think he is really going to thrive here and next week they get their class picture taken! In true Capt fashion when asking him about his school his favorite part was the playground with the train and then Oscar the (supposed) "blue" hamster that has a spinning wheel. Hmmmm, blue hamster.....

Sunday, September 14, 2008


The Kid likes to eat. I am really not surprised since his brother was an avid eater as well. He is beginning to move beyond baby food and seems to exclaim, "Yum!" when something is agreeable. While The Capt has always been the spirited one, The Kid, is by no means a bowl of plain oatmeal. At Costco the other day he was all grins for his mom but as soon as the checker turned to talk to him, he glared as if the guy had said something totally rude. This could have been the case, I wasn't quite close enough to hear the contnet. So today we branched out on the baby food wheel and tried some real "people" food. Mangos were on the breakfast menu. A nice slice mashed up was received with a hearty "yum!" We tried a french fry at lunch but that went over as did toast. Stuffing his mouth full as if he was squirreling away some nuts or something. Um, I think we'll pass on that. Tonight was half an avocado prepared as a chunky mash. Also got a "yum" with raised eyebrows. I also thought, what the heck, and put some of that along with some baby pear on the tray and let him go at it. A rice cake was served on the side. That went well until the end. I suddenly looked over at thought, huh, where did the rice cake go? Then realized The Kid had little hamster cheeks with a little rice puff hanging out! Whoa! Waaay to much! Cheerios are also high on the yum list and The Kid will pound on his tray until they are delivered!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

First day of school!!

We finally found a school we deemed "acceptable" and seemed to meet most if not all of our needs. It is the Spanish Academy in Bellevue. It is new this year and after meeting with the Profesora, The Capt. was accepted to the "real" preschool class. Ie, 3-5 year olds. This means that he goes 3 days a week for 3 hours. Monday was his first day and he was very excited. He asked if I was going to "drop him" and then "pick him up." This was quite fine with him and he hardly looked back! It helped that we got to check out the classroom a few times. While I was fine dropping him off, I was totally nervous the three hours he was gone. Every time my phone would ring, I just kept thinking, "oh my god! it's the school! The Capt is out of control and they want me to come get him!" But everything was fine and I cried when I picked him up. The maestra even commented on what good manners he had! We made it through the first day! What a big guy! . The Kid had a first as well. No, not crawling yet. Although he gets on his hands and knees and then cries because he's not going anywhere! The other day at the park the Kid went on his first swing ride! This also meant he had his first "war wound." A good monster bruise on his side where he was leaning against the swing seat. It was ugly enough for me to draw a pen mark around just in case it might spread. But after a little ice all was well. He also is sitting up in the bath tub in his own little "pool." He LOVES the water. One of the few things that makes him laugh. Oh! And he has moved on to eating things like puffs and cheerios. Much safer than the toast he likes to stuff into his mouth. Baby heimlich sucks! Things are moving along quite nicely in our clan these days. Stay posted! It could change at any moment!

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Helmet

While on vacation The Capt was finally convinced that a helmet was a good idea while riding his bike or scooter. Maybe too good. It somehow translated over to being a good idea while playing at the beach....


The Capt has really ramped up his imagination since we've been home. The other morning he comes into the kitchen on a mission. Opens the door to the garage and brings out the broom. I say, "uh what are you doing?" He says, "Mom, I need a broom and 2 boxes." It's 9 in the morning and I can't possibly see why the child would need this. I'm not sure I really want to know why he needs a broom and 2 boxes but I ask anyway. "I'm making a spaceship." He sounded pretty confident so for some reason I decide to help out. This is what he came up with.